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So today is a day that I finally try a cigar that has been getting high ratings in Cigar Journal, Cigar Aficionado, and Cigar Snob Magazines.  AJ Fernandez’s San Lotano Oval. First this is not my normal brand but this cigar met and exceeded my expectations. It’s very favorable with a medium strength, which is why I can see why a lot of cigar smokers love this cigar. I’ve smoked his cigar brands: Diesel Brand The 5 Vegas, and the Gurkha Park Avenue, but I have to say this By far is the best one from AJ Fernandez. The way he has constructed the wrapper into a box pressed oval is pure genius. Now I’m back to smoking a great cigar. My wallet wasn’t too happy with the price, but you get what you paid for and I paid for excellence. I have been really branching out from my normal Alec Bradley brands, and I have come across this rare gem of a cigar. The San Lotano Oval by AJ Fernandez, according to the AJ Fernandez website,

The prestigious San Lotano Oval from AJ Fernandez presents in a highly unique oval shape. The key to an enhanced smoking experience: ultra-premium aged tobacco. The new Oval affords a truly distinguished balance like no other.

The cigar is available in six sizes, Petite Robusto (4.5 x 54); Corona (4 x 44); Robusto (5.5 x 54); Toro (6 x 54); Gordo (6.5 x 60) and Pyramid (6.5 x 54).

Cigar: San Lotano Oval
Size: 5.5 x 54 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Habano 2000 Wrapper (Aged 4+ years)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras
Strength: Medium
Beverage: Go Green by Ricka Rivers found on Instagram as ms_ricka1022 or on Face Bookhttps://www.facebook.com/rickarivers?fref=ts

Appearance and Construction: If you read my blog on a regular basis you should know by now about my love for box pressed cigars. The oval is a nice variation on the traditional box press. The Habano wrapper that adorns this creation from AJ Fernandez is as smooth as silk under the fingers and glistens with oils. There are a few veins present, but none of them are more than the norm. The cigar is well rolled with a simple cap. Under close inspection there are no soft spots and a slight sponginess. Perfection.


San Lotano Oval Foot

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the San Lotano Oval by AJ Fernandez serves up a nose of chocolate and spice. The cold draw consists of a moss, cedar and a touch of spice. As the cigar rested between my lips to chocolate from the wrapper was intensely delicious. Once the cigar is lit the dominant note of coffee begins to take hold and is magnified when exhaling through the nose. In the background is a subtle mocha and spice. The cigar is extremely smooth and has a lot of depth. In the second third of the cigar a transition into a traditional nuts and cedar with a nice sweetness in the mix as well and some coffee on the finish. The cigar remains incredibly smooth and complex. The last third of the cigar changes into one of earth, and some more the moss that was experienced on the pre-light draw. The finish has a bit of nuttiness to it and

Smoking Characteristics: The San Lotano Oval burns slightly off-center, but never gets out of hand or develops waviness about it. The dark ash holds strong easily keeping it’s ash for half the cigar at a clip on all the samples I smoked. The draw was almost perfect bordering on the slightly loose side. The aroma of the cigar really stood out filling the nasal cavity with a sweet milk chocolate like note that enhanced the cigar smoking experience.

Conclusion: The regular San Lotano Habano line is good, but the Oval is outstanding. Wonderfully rich and complex the cigar has a profile that pleases from the first light to the last exhale. Even my wife who is a non-smoker enjoyed this cigar, matter of fact she requested a few of them for herself when I place my next order from Cigar.com. The Oval instantly proclaims itself as a stick worthy of consideration for cigar of the year.



Overall: 4 Stars
Appearance: 4 Stars
Construction: 4 Stars
Flavor: 4  Stars
Value: 4 Stars
Price: $8.00