Make: Hoyo De Monterrey

Size: Coronas Grandes; Long Corona

Length: 155”

Gauge: 42

Country: Cuba

One of the best parts of this cigar is the smooth creamy flavour that is present throughout the entire cigar.  It’s definitely a treat for a longer cigar.  These were from a 5 pack I was given during a box pass, and the bands while vastly different then the standard band that was on all the other HDM I’ve sampled, this had the newer band.  I always thought this design was much more eye popping but it was only found on the smaller gauges until the epicure lineas well as the Petit Robustos.

Upon inspection, the wrapper is flawless.  Vein free and lacking any noticeable imperfections, this is one of the best looking HDMs I have ever smoked. Greeted with a well applied triple cap my cutter slices though like a hot knife through butter.  The taste upon the draw is a full blast of hay and coffee. The foot smells like a box of cedar and tobacco.  Which always reminds me of Cuban cigars.

After taking the flame to the foot you can taste the earthen taste, almost like the soil the tobacco was grown in.  A visual sweeps my mind of a sun filled tobacco plantation with an ocean breeze flowing over the plants.  A hint of salt helps keep this going on the finish from the wrapper.  A few minutes in I begin to taste olives and cured meats, Italian or Spanish style it’s hard to get a hold of exactly the type I am tasting.  After another 10 minutes those flavours have subsided and a strong coffee has returned.  The saltiness from the wrapper still lingers about leaving a taste of the ocean after each puff.

Once I reach the second half, the coffee takes a back seat to a buttery rich taste, with a smack of salt on the finish still. I would say this cigar while a bit complex, it is also considerably flat when it comes to how many flavours are present for the size.  A bit of leather and spice begin for the last inch and a half while really billowing smoke at this point. The cigar has become a lot more full bodied and I don’t mind as like I said it hasn’t been the strongest smoke to begin with.  As the cigar is coming to a finish, a salty earthen taste returns as almost coming full circle from where we began almost an hour and a half ago.  If you can get some, I would recommend getting a handful to try over time.   I will keep the remaining 3 I have for a while, and might even pick up a box to store away. Until next time, happy smoking!

Final Score 88/100