Ok, bear with me, as I’ve never written a review before, but I’ll rack my brain for what remains of high school essay scribbles.

This cigar was from the midway part of the limited humidor that it came in, and had a slightly twisted, or tight look to the satin textured, light brown Habano wrapper. A beautiful double band that was a little messed by what looks like a tired roller forgot to wash the excess glue from his hands.

The cold smell of this cigar reminds me of fresh hay, and sweet spices like the smell of raisins that were baked into a carrot cake. I cut the head and it reveals a firm draw.

Toast, and light.

The initial smoke is very mild and light, and tastes immediately of Cuban tobacco, and subtle, hard to place flavors. Grass, or fresh parsley come to mind, but in a faint delivery that is appealing. almost simultaneously I’m greeted with a taste of oats and honey, the whole while a rose water finish adds a yearn for the next puff. As I set into an ever changing bliss, I soon realize that I have smoked a third of this cigar, and the ash is still holding.

The progression of this cigar is not in thirds, but more of an ever changing experience that very quickly gets me hooked and hypnotized.

As I pass further into this treat, the flavor generates a mild roasted macadamia taste that converts quickly to more of a mild smooth coffee like a Jamaican blue mountain with cream and sugar. Mild tastes of cocoa start to surface, and I have to slow myself, as not to wreck or hurry this pleasure.

With every draw, this cigar produces new variations of the last flavors and now I am getting what I can only describe as toasted dark rye bread, spread with fresh butter.

Cocoa is changing as are the rest of these fantastic flavors, and now I am gifted with the first crunch of a dark chocolate covered coffee bean.

Damn! I just burnt my fingers!

As I am at the nub of this, I taste a delicious dark roasted coffee and a sweet caramelized brown sugar.

What a ride!