Ramon Allones Extra Edicion Limitada 2011


This is the first cigar that Ramon Allones has brought that is a Limited Edition. And what a Limited Edition it is!!


The wrapper, binder and filler of this cigar has been aged for a long time. And this is what makes this a sought after smoke.


Flavour: Medium – full (more medium)

Length: 5.4 (corona)

Ring Gauge: 44


The Appearance –

Well as you are all aware, the band on this cigar is very different to the normal Ramon Allones bands. The band chosen for this cigar was a band from Pre-1960s to 1972 and it was discontinued. UNTILL NOW!!..the famous band wraps itself around a dark, almost dark chocolate wrapper. Hardly and veins insight, so smooth and silky.


The Construction –

The construction of this cigars is typically cuban. Very tightly packed foot but an impeccable draw. Evan tho the smoke was slightly uneven it levelled itself out towards the end.


The Flavour –

This is an awesome smoke! (not very aficionado i know but needed to be said). The initial flavours are spices, sweetness and coffee but that then works its way into a mild chocolate flavour towards the end.


The Value –

The cigar isn’t cheap by any means but it is worth it. £13.50 / $21.50

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  1. Im really enjoying your reviews nick! i get a lot of sweet fruit almost fruit cake with this cigar! do u find any of those flavours in the sweetness?

  2. Thanks very much Ari, appreciate that!..loved your most recent post…I would definitely go with the fruit cake. A lot of spicy fruit. Lovely smoke.