During the first half inch there were aromas which I normally only know from old cigars with an age of 20+ years… leather, wood, old paper, tea-like… unfortunately this “vintage-flavor” fades away and makes room for the Quintero-type tobacco flavor added by some spicy notes…

There´s no dramatical change of pace during the smoke, a solid smoke from the first to the last puff… For all who don´t like it too complex but prefer a good and strong tobacco flavor, this cigar will definitely be a good choice.

It´s a bit shorter than a regular Robusto (4 mm to be precisely), the price is about CHF 3.80… that´s fair.


  1. These are on my list, it is nice to see a cheap Robusto (or almost robusto). It is easy to find tasks in the yard that you wouldn’t want to waste a Cohiba while doing.

  2. Well I ended up getting two boxes (Splitting one) and really enjoyed them. I went to order another box and I noticed the price has about doubled. They used to be a good stick at an amazing price, now they are a good stick over priced IMO. I enjoy them though.


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