Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium



The Puros Aliados Cigars Miami are manufactured by Reyes Family, who are the makers of Puros Indios Cigars. These cigars are a different blend than the regular Cuba Aliados line, only because these cigars are are made in Miami instead of Honduras. I first heard about this cigar by my friend Justin who recommended I try it. The first thing I notice on the cigar was the wrapper has a lot of veins and two bands. One is the main band Red and gold with the name Puros Aliados Cigars Rolando Reyes Jr, and the second one is the white band underneath with some gold that say’s Made In Miami Florida. The Habano wrapper is dark and grainy with plenty of oil, zero soft spots and a very good draw.



Flavor: In the pre-light of the cigar I really enjoyed the flavor at the start rich with cedar  and pepper. The burn was uneven at the beginning all through the first third of the cigar. As the burn line approaches the damaged part of the cigar I had to make a few touch ups so the cigar continues to burn evenly.  Something I notice from Aliados Cigars Miami was how good the ash holds, which mines didn’t fall off until about starting of the second third of my cigar. Once the ash fell I was impressed that it stayed together instead of breaking apart or just creating a mess. After the first third that had  its flavors of pepper and cedar, I notice that it carried through the second third of the cigar. It had a similar taste to other Rolando Reyes blended cigars I’ve had. Some wood notes intensify in the second half, especially on the finish you will notice the leather and cedar coming in strong but yet still making it a medium body cigar. This cigar tasted really good and it offered some nice complexity.



Conclusion: Puros Aliados Cigars Miami overall was a good cigar. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to try them and thank my friend Justin for his recommendations because I found it thoroughly enjoyable. If you have never smoked one, I suggest you give it a shot. I do recommend letting them sit in your humidor for a bit before smoking them. Based on the quality of the blend and the limited nature of the release, it’s surprising to see how reasonably the Puros ALiados Cigars Miami edition is priced. I will keep my eye out at my local cigar shop for this ones. Putting the uneven burn aside I will say that the ash was impressive just like the price of this cigars. The Reyes Family have made a good cigar and is by far my favorite out of all their brands including their Indios Cigars.





  1. Great Review! Once again you make me go buy cigars just to try them haha, I will be looking out for them and keep writing I look forward to reading about what you smoke and letting us women know more info


  2. Agree!! I had them as a trade and they were very good, I love reading about cigars from a womens point of view, I love your articles and the classy and sex appeal you bring to the magazine Lady Cigarian we send our support 🙂

    Your Fans from Montana

  3. Lady Cigarian Strikes again with a great review! I had the oppurtunity to have some of Reyes cigars which included Aliados Miami I agree Cedar and the ash were a great conponent for this cigar. Beautiful Picture btw <3

    Hugs and fan from San Diego

  4. Great Review Lady Cigarian, since I hang out with my dad and him being a cigar aficionado I thank you for the advice on whats good to try being women to women and myself still learning. I will be buying this and trying them. Always so beautiful and Classy 🙂

    hugs your way from New York

  5. Wow great review Consuelo. The cigar seems to be a really good smoke. Cant wait to get my hands on one of those to try it myself.

  6. @Lorena @Angelica @Issac @Issac @Cherry @ Jay and @Eduardo Thank you so much guys!!! To hear your feed back and to know that my reviews help you guys in choosing your next smoke is great. Thank you guys for your support once again 🙂

  7. Outstanding review, I took a chance and order one of them, I enjoyed it, amazing flavors and your description according to your pallet were spot on, I’m looking forward to your reviews each time, thanks for the dedication, time and in detail descriptions of your cigars, looking forward to future reviews, continue the good work as an author and know we trust your choices in amazing Habanos \puros , thank you …

  8. Steve thank you!

    Crossfiter_golfer77 Thank you and im glad you use my information useful and I appreciate your feedback.

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