Pairing a Vintage 1936 Portwine with different cigars


I bought 2 bottles of this portwine a few years back, not knowing if it´s still good or not…

I waited a long time to open the first bottle but this days I did… and I´m happy that I did it… it´s an amazing portwine!
The color is more brown than red, with a coppery shine in it… if you shake it in the glass you get some really fat laces running down.

Some woody aromas in the nose, paired with a decent sweetness and hints of spices…

The taste is very complex… ripe blackberry, tobacco, spices, some malt and coffee…. oh wow… that´s fantastic!! Some bitterness first and then there´s an amazing and very long sweet finish…

This portwine will be a good pairing with a cigar… and I decided to pair it with three special and absolutely different cigars.

The first combo is with a Diplomaticos No. 6 from the 70s which I got from a friend in Sweden… there are a lot of those typical vintage flavors – like old paper and mushrooms – in that cigar… a very nice interaction with the medium bodied cigar which went well with the spices and the sweetness of the portwine.

The next pairing… another medium bodied cigar… a Sancho Panza Belicosos from 1994… the characteristics of this cigar is its saltiness… how will it be in interaction with the sweetness? A perfect match… Those aromas didn´t neutralize each other but multiply… it´s an explosion of aromas in the mouth… WOW!

The last pairing… this time with a strong and earthy cigar, I took a Che Robusto from one of those 50 Elie Bleu humidors…. The question is: will the portwine be a partner on the same level as this really strong cigar? The answer is very short and simple: Yes! What a great combo… the earthy aroma of the cigar and the coffee, malt and sweetness of the port melt together and end up with another explosion of aromas… AWESOME!