A smell of wood and exotical spices comes to the nose… some hints of white pepper in the background. The wrapper is fine and light colorado colored.

Firin up carefully, clippin the head and takin the first puffs… nose-exhale… fantastic! Intensive spicy notes, some cedar, light roasted coffee… those are the impressions during the first third… it´s on the spot promptly.

The second third is also dominated by the spicy notes, white pepper´s gettin more intensive… some floral notes comin up…

Durin the last third it´s gettin smoother, this cigar is very complex. Wood, leather, spices, aromas of matured cheese (hard to describe)… it´s FANTASTIC!

I put it down to the ashtray after 95 minutes of smokin… always a perfect draw. Remarkable smoke.




  1. Great review my friend. I had the pleasure of smoking one of these a few years ago, a gift from my friend Trent (who you might know since he is a top end trader). They are a rare and precious cigar. Amazing flavor in every way. I always admire your appreciation for the great vintage cigars.


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