First of all, I would like to introduce myself (NMS) and my first review on Cigarians.

This is the first Limited edition that Cuaba released (Piramides)…..and what a cigar to release!!!!

All of the leaves have been aged for at least 2 years, which gives this cigar such a fantastic aroma from just taking it out of the humidor. There is of course (coming from Cuba) a typically packed foot, which is something you always want to see. It always amazes me how the Cubans do it? Such a tightly packed foot but such a smooth and easy draw!! Impeccable !!!

So anyways, the review:

Flavour: Medium – full

Length: 6 1/8″ (156mm)
Ring Gauge: 52


The Appearance –

The wrapper is a very dark, rich & chocolatey. It is almost a Maduro coloured wrapper. And I love the use of the gold coloured double bands. It gives it this royal prestigious look. Which is great when holding it in between your fingers.


The Construction –

Like I said, the Cubans always do it right!!…only thing I find with this cigars is it always starts slow and tight but once you get to 3/4 of the way in, it really opens up and the flavours just hit you,


Flavour –

It has the obvious and powerful tobacco flavours with hints of coffee and cocoa thought the whole smoke. So amazing!!..the volumes of smoke is so understandable Cuban. Such a little draw and volumes of smoke comes it your mouth!!


The Value –

The Cuaba is a quite expensive smoke, but so so worth it. They are starting to be harder to find now so I recommend if you see one lying there. PICK IT UP!!. £24 / $39


My overall rating of this cigar –



I hope you liked my brief 1st cigar review, there will be more to come and more that are in depth..



  1. Nick! Great review! I have smoked a couple of these this year and agree with you that these are smoking really well at the moment. lots more choc then the usual cuaba so it tends to suit my usual flavor profile


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