Eighth Meeting of Friends of Partagas in Italy.


The most important event Habano lovers fans outside Cuba.

Based in Matelica, city of the region of Marche, el Encuentro de Amigos de Partagas, which is now in its eighth edition, is the most important meeting outside Cuba of all those who love the Habanos.
An event originally dedicated to one of the world’s most iconic names of Habanos (Partagas) but its importance and the prestige that has won fans among the best cigars in the world, is already a comprehensive international meeting where Cuban cigars are savored all brands, and allowed, in an atmosphere of warm camaraderie, confront different views and experience the pleasure of smoking the best cigars coming out of Cuba.

It is also an event with a cultural component, since art cannot be indifferent to a product that is part of Cuban culture in a relevant way. Honoring that culture, and making even bigger event if possible, this edition will become a full-fledged tribute to another great product par excellence of Cuba, Cuban light rum, which was born in Santiago de Cuba 150 years ago , has become the noblest expression of the Cuban soul.

For this tribute, the Meeting of Friends of Partagas, will have the opportunity to have at your disposal, the best commercial reserve of the Cuban light rum, one that left the factory Ron Santiago, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, perfectly exemplifies the best values of the noblest of distillates, which is in the brand Ron Santiago de Cuba, which will be present at the event, its best within Cuba.

Thus closes around a full tribute to the two quintessential products of Cuban land, which, through its history and culture, have always transmitted from the most intimate and important treasures of the soul that is in the earth. One cannot speak of Cuba without mentioning Habanos, and you cannot talk of Habanos, without mentioning the best Cuban light rum.

27-28-29 June 2013. Matelica, Italia.



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Born in Santiago de Cuba and closely linked to the culture of the Cuban light rum, which arose in my hometown in 1862. Smoker of Havana cigars and above all, a loving person of this intimate relationship that Cuban rum has with best Vueltabajo cigars. Passionate about gastronomy and the immense world of distillates and Cuban cigars.